Product description

H 74 cm x W 70 cm x D 58 cm

Base made from steel, powder coated in black.

Available in a wide range of fabrics and leathers. Base in black.

Product variants

Product family


Masculo Chair – 4-legged metal version | Masculo Lounge Chair – 4-legged metal version
Designed for the fine dining restaurant Copenhague at Maison du Danemark in Paris, the four legged Masculo Chair and Lounge Chair in metal marry the idea of Danish elegance and simplicity with Italian refinement and playfulness. The backrest of Masculo is almost overly large and appears to float in the air which is challenging to the senses. This is supported by the slender metal legs that makes the whole chair almost sculptural and exciting to the eye. The upholstered chair ensures high level of comfort, while its clean metal legs and sophisticated form lend the chair a graceful presence. The new metal base gives the chair a more domestic expression that is perfectly suited for hospitality projects as well as the private home.

Masculo Chair – wood base
With its unique appearance, the Masculo Chair with wooden base unifies Danish and Italian design traditions in a way that not only resolve the “conflict”, but also makes it symbolic of international design. The aesthetics, craftsmanship, solidity and sitting comfort are successfully combined and result in an inviting dining chair. The distinctive backrest expresses an almost aggressive masculinity, whilst the finest wooden frame simultaneously embraces with quasi-feminine detailing. The wooden based Masculo Chair possesses a playful balance between formality and whimsy, offering a modern twist on the classic dining chair that evokes the image of the 1950’s. The semi-circular back- and armrest becomes a modern reinterpretation of the forms of memory.

Masculo Lounge Chair
The Masculo lounge chair was first designed in 2008 by the design duo GamFratesi. The Masculo swivel lounge chair is an extension launched in 2014. The lounge chair characterise by the contradiction between Scandinavian elegance and Italian dynamic lines. A strong shape with new Nordic aesthetic expressed by the synthesis between form, material and function. An expressive lounge chair given by the strong characteristic back- and armrest, resting on a light metal structure. The back is aggressive and masculine, and at the same time soft and embracing, with a unique and sophisticated detailing and combination of materials. The Masculo lounge chair is available with sledge base or swivel base. The swivel base has four legs and are able to turn 360 degrees around centre.

Masculo Chair
Following the 2009 launch of the Masculo lounge chair, Jacob Gubi and GamFratesi came up with the idea of producing a modern chair with armrest that would provide the natural comfort inherent in the lounge chair. The quality, aesthetics and sitting comfort, which are so successfully combined in the Masculo lounge, are now echoed in the Masculo chair. “The extremely comfortable Masculo chair features armrests and has the potential to become a modern classic, whilst also being a strong addition to our Gubi Chair collection,” says Jacob Gubi, CEO of Gubi A/S. The Masculo chair design is marked by contrast. The distinctive, expressive backrest expresses an almost aggressive masculinity, whilst the slender supporting metal frame simultaneously embraces sophisticated, quasi-feminine detailing. Masculo chair comes with sledge base and swivel base. The swivel base have four legs and are able to turn 360 degrees around the centre.