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Precious Stones White Onix
Precious Stones
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White Onix A
ST03A6715 150x75
ST03A61530 300x150

White Onix B
ST03B6715 150x75
ST03B61530 300x150

White Onix C
ST03C6715 150x75
ST03C61530 300x150

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Antique suggestions have given life to the Fiandre Precious Stones collection. It is inspired by marble and hard stones and the infinite colour schemes offered are a reflection of nature.

The collection has been created based on the marble quarrying tradition, the history of stone quarries, the influences of mythology and the history of the origins of stones such as amethyst, the sacred attributes of carnelian, the preciousness of malachite and the ancient origins of amber.

Just as a goldsmith interprets precious stones with skill and creativity, making elegant jewellery, Fiandre has succeeded through this collection in recreating the force and wonder of nature, maintaining the characteristics of natural precious stones such as beauty and rarity.

Made with absolute perfection thanks to the most advanced technology applied to ceramics, the Precious Stones collection skilfully enhances modern architecture.
Intended for adding value to very appealing coatings, thanks to the large 300x150 and 150x75 cm format, it allows interior designs with an extraordinary impact to be created.
The resinating process gives the surfaces precious shine and gloss to top quality elegant ceramic material.

The most prestigious marble (Carrara), noble and sophisticated stones with precious patterns like the Veined Stone, the delicate amalgam of mineral and rock fragments, which creates Breccia Miele, the shades of Onyx (Ice, White and Yellow), the gradations of Veined Agate, the virtuous whirls of Blue Agate and Carnelian, and the flickers of light from Light Blue Agate.
And then, the depth of malachite and Green Marble, characteristics of Medieval Italian architecture, the deep movement of Amber, and the preciousness of Nero Portoro marble, intense and bright with its golden veins.

From small precious blocks, Fiandre has created technical porcelain stoneware jewels, unique items that guarantee aesthetic luxury connected with the best technological qualities.

Colors Precious Stones:
White Onyx A/B/C, Yellow Onyx A/B/C, Agata Venata, Agata Azzurra A/B/C/D/E, Breccia Beige, Agata Blue A/B, Ambra, Nero Portoro A/B, Green Marble, Malachite, Tiger gold, Agata Corniola, Quarzi