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120x60 AS11664
120x30 AS11663
120x15 AS11662
60x60 AS11660
60x30 AS11636

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GranitiFiandre takes a new look at the natural marble of the classic architectural tradition, drawing inspiration from a timeless design for its research on materials.

Used since time immemorial as material for architecture and sculpture, marble was known as “the shining stone” by the Ancient Greeks. In fact, its particular composition allows light to penetrate the surface of the stone, giving it a unique shine. This is the ambitious premise at the basis of the technological and style research at Fiandre’s laboratories that has led to a brand-new interpretation of the New Marmi collection.
5 new surfaces available in 3 sizes and 3 finishes, perfect to cover all the floors and walls of the entire project, be they indoors or outdoors, always using the same material. Together with the eternal classics such as New Marfil and Statuario Extra, the new proposals include Grey Elite and Guatemala Black. A delicate, hazy grey, almost feminine, that inspires timeless therefore always eternal tales, blends with a marked and intense black hue, with subtle veining running on its surface, without compromising its depth. The range comes complete with Fine Brown, a warm shade evoking the tints of earth and chocolate and enriched via ton-sur-ton effects that make it unique and unrepeatable.

Taxos Extra, Statuario Extra, Lasa Pure, New Marfil, Travertino Bianco Perlato, Travertino Classico, Fine Brown, Grey Elite, Guatemala Black.

9-10 mm

Honed, Bright, Silk Touch, Slate