Product description

WOD03S7315: 150x37,5
WOD03S725: 150x25
WOD03S718: 150x18,7
WOD03S712: 150x12,5
WOD03S73: 75x37,5
WOD03S72: 75x25
WOD03S78: 75x18,7
WOD03S71: 75x12,5

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I dreamt of blending nature and technology.
I dreamt of preserving natural resources.
From dream to reality, from the desire to protect the nature around us, the idea of creating a quality alternative to wood came to me: from dreams Essenze Rare are born.

The careful selection of six Essenze Rare injects life into the new GranitiFiandre collection: streaks and shades allow for the play of light and dark on surfaces, natural veins, aged with the passing of time.
The Essenze Rare are characterised by strong materiality, allowing for colour graduation where strong tones such as Ulivo (olive), Mogano (mahogany) and Rovere Nero (black oak) can be combined with softer shades such as Larice Bianco (white larch), Cabreuva Dorada and Ciliegio (cherry), offering a varied selection.
The six Essenze Rare offered by GranitiFiandre expound the elegance of traditional materials enhanced by the excellent performance guaranteed.

Larice Bianco (white larch), Cabreuva Dorada, Ciliegio (cherry), Ulivo (olive), Mogano (mahogany), Rovere Nero (black oak)