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Ambient Line
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Ambient Nest
Inspired by the precise designs of the weaver bird, these nest like suspended lanterns gently rotate and sway in the evening breeze. As the night draws in, the soft (solar LED) light shining through the detailed weave throws dancing shadows as the setting sun shimmers through the leaves.

Ambient Cocoon
Mimicking the perfect texture and symmetry of silk cocoons, these minimal and delicate looking lanterns are deceptively tough. Manufactured from modern plastics and combined with a striking solid, buffed teak handle of almost agricultural purity, these (solar LED) lights are as much about design as they are about illumination.
Danish designer Henrik Pedersen has combined an extensive background in interior lighting with an intimate knowledge of outdoor furniture to create the Ambient collection. Asked about the design influences, Henrik says “My path in design has led me through many parts of the world, many cultures… Light and warmth are always principal parts of the best social environments and the most modest of devices are often the most effective. Here I combine the worlds of simplicity and light to achieve beautiful background illumination”. Two distinct designs are available and, as the name suggests, create the perfect ambience alongside any Gloster collection as the sun begins to set.
Smooth tough modern plastics are paired with statement buffed teak handles creating Cocoon. For Nest, man-made fibres in either Steel or Fawn colour, encase a colour matched powder coated stainless steel frame. Both styles of lantern create soft mood lighting with the use of integrated solar charged LED lights.

Ambient Mesh
Light and shadow make the shapes come alive. Like semi-transparent structures, they present themselves in the dark. A beacon calling out, inviting you in and creating an imaginary room with a soft and warm ambiance. Ambient Mesh by Henrik Pedersen hints to rustic origins. Here, the latticework of woven shades in a variety of sizes and colours, paints a subtle pattern in the dark - breaking up straight lines and creating a whole new set of outdoor decorations.
Available as a free-standing, table size lantern or a more imposing tall standard lamp, Ambient Mesh outdoor lights are available with either light (Sorrel) colour wicker shades or a darker (Carob) colour. These are combined with slender, powder coated aluminium bases with buffed teak detailing.

Ambient Line
Elegant and precious. Using a mouth-blown, smoked glass cylinder with retro styled reeded glass detailing and a cast metal frame, Ambient Line by Sebastian Herkner is a classical solution to portable outdoor lighting. The collection exists in two forms, one with cast metals handles to carry them around, another with a permanent metal stand to make a lasting impression.
Both Ambient Mesh and Ambient Line feature Gloster’s tried and trusted outdoor LED light unit. These can be charged either by mains power or via a solar panel on the top surface of the unit. With a battery life of approximately 8 hours on maximum light setting, they are the perfect accessory to any outdoor living environment.