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Series of high and low tables in square, rectangular and round shape in different sizes. The top is in tempered transparent or extralight transparent glass, with an opaque ground edge. The cylindrical feet, fixed to the top by means of steel rings, are available in marble Bardiglio.

TSI01 Bardiglio L180 P90 H72
TSI02 Bardiglio L200 P90 H72
TSI03 Bardiglio L200 P100 H72
TSI04 Bardiglio L210 P90 H72
TSI05 Bardiglio L210 P100 H72
TSI06 Bardiglio L220 P90 H72
TSI07 Bardiglio L220 P100 H72
TSI08 Bardiglio L130 P130 H72
TSI09 Bardiglio L140 P140 H72
TSI09 Bardiglio L140 P40 H72
TSI11 Bardiglio L90 P90 H30
TSI12 Bardiglio L100 P100 H30
TSI13 Bardiglio L110 P110 H30
TSI14 Bardiglio L120 P120 H30
TSI15 Bardiglio L130 P130 H30
TSI16 Bardiglio L130 P70 H30
TSI17 Bardiglio L140 P80 H30
TSI18 Bardiglio L160 P80 H30

TSI19 Bardiglio LØ120 H30 (con 3 gambe /with 3 legs)
TSI20 Bardiglio LØ140 H72 (con 3 gambe /with 3 legs)
TSI21 Bardiglio LØ150 H72 (con 3 gambe /with 3 legs)
TSI22 Bardiglio LØ160 H72 (con 3 gambe /with 3 legs)
TSI23 Bardiglio LØ170 H72 (con 3 gambe /with 3 legs)