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VIP Lounge Flughafen Genf, Genf, Schweiz
VIP Lounge Flughafen Genf, Genf, Schweiz
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The VIP pavilion at Geneva Airport provides an environment for the arrival and departure of high-ranking guests from international organizations in the fields of politics, diplomacy and religion.
Frédéric Dedelley was commissioned to define the interiors concept:
The new pavilion, which has two distinct seating areas and is run via a central facilities module, was designed to evoke the feeling of a members’ club, meeting the expectations of VIP passengers, while at the same time respecting diplomatic or royal protocol.
The motto “Act global, sit local” was used as inspiration in the design process with a view not only to offering an immediate sense of comfort, but also acting as a brand ambassador for Switzerland. Here, the materials, colours and textures chosen and the reference to Switzerland’s natural and alpine landscape are key elements of this visual calling card.
Based on the designer’s specifications, Girsberger created a selection of solid oak lounge furniture to be positioned in a range of different groups. A family of sofas, armchairs, side tables and standing tables mirrors the diplomatic world, allowing space for the most important person within a party, for example, to occupy a three-seater sofa on their own. A special structure was developed for the seat padding in order to ensure maximum comfort. What is more, the two distinct seating areas allow for complete separation and privacy, should cultural, political or diplomatic sensitivities require two groups of passengers to be kept fully apart.

Products: Lounge furniture: sofas, armchairs, high tables and side tables