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Linq conference swivel chair
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Linq is an elegant and universal swivel chair for high-class conference rooms and team workstations. The special design feature of Linq is its integrative aluminium support. This connects the base and the seat shell while its ends form the armrests. The seat shell is flexibly mounted on the aluminium support and allows the user to lean back easily, providing significantly improved comfort which is ideal for those sitting for a long time in meetings. This is achieved by an innovative kinematic mechanism that is fully integrated into the seat shell and invisible from the outside. No adjustments are required, as the kinematic mechanism automatically adjusts to the weight of the user and regulates the resistance of the backrest accordingly.

Thanks to the intelligent and powerful Y-formed structure of its aluminium support, Linq has a simple and neutral aesthetic appearance, making it particularly suitable for use in conference rooms. Designer Jonathan Prestwich describes his creative approach thus: "The design of this chair is based on the fact that our workflows are very flexible these days. We don't have to sit at our desks the whole time, as our use of mobile end devices is increasing all the time. This swivel chair was therefore designed to be simpler and more streamlined – it should primarily hold the user's weight and body and embrace the back like a second skin. Linq is essentially inspired by the intelligence of nature. We call this 'organic engineering'. Linq is like a tree that grows from the trunk to the branches, where nothing is superfluous."

Its ease of use also makes Linq ideal as a universal swivel chair for shared and team workstations. Linq is therefore available with a 5-prong base for such purposes, or as a conference swivel chair with a four-prong base. There are four versions of the chair, each with a different combination of mesh and cushioning on the backrest and seat. The mesh is a 3D weave developed specially for this chair and is available in a variety of colours.