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Gira TX_44 is the perfect design line for use outdoors or in damp rooms, but it also has a role to play in interior design. It can be installed with IP 44 protection against splash water, and thanks to its reinforced frame, robust materials and the option of water and theft-proof mounting, is an excellent choice for use in gardens, on balconies or on terraces. The Gira TX_44 can also be installed in the empty units of the Gira energy profile. The design line is available in the colours aluminium, anthracite and pure white. The huge depth of functions (including with water protection) offered by the Gira TX_44 can be further increased by integrating the System 55 inserts, including data connection technology, bus technology, and more.

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Special environments require special switches. Gira’s water-protected flush-mounted switches with IP-44 protection are designed to keep spray water out. And should you need even better protection: Our water-protected surface-mounted range and all Gira TX_44 products are highly robust design lines that are suitable for installation in wet rooms and anywhere that switches may be exposed to more demanding environmental conditions. Whether for a cellar, garage, workshop, a commercial property or outdoors: Your switches are waterproofed by Gira.


TX_44 | Anthracite

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