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Gira S-Color
Gira S-Color is available with a high-gloss surface and six attractive colours. The shock-resistant and shatter-proof PA 66 material is coloured all the way through, and therefore especially light and weather-resistant. It prevents electrostatic surface charging, is extremely heat-resistant and unaffected by oil, grease, weak caustic solutions, paint thinners and disinfectants. Many of the more than 100 different switches and plug connections from the Gira S-Color system can also be installed on the wall.

Prof. Odo Klose, Wuppertal

Design awards:
- Red Dot Design Innovations, Design Zentrum NRW Essen, 1985
- Design quality 1985 Haus Industrieform, Essen
- iF Product Design Award 1985, iF Design Hanover
- iF Product Design Award 1987, iF Design Hanover
- International Design Award 1988, Design Center Stuttgart
- iF Product Design Award 1988, iF Design Hanover