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The clear form of Gira Esprit is particularly accentuated in its three metal variants. The aluminium frames are timelessly elegant, and their matt ground and anodised surfaces have a discreet shimmer, which underlines their premium-quality look. The aluminium, black and brown colour variants are perfect for functional interior design. Gira Esprit aluminium light gold fits in perfectly with classic and luxurious ambiances. With their cool, unobtrusive and high-gloss appearance, the chrome frames match the chrome accents of sofas, armchairs or chairs perfectly. Stainless steel is the absolute classic material for modern construction. The quality of the material comes to life impressively in the brushed variant.

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Personality is an important component of any room design. With the Gira Esprit design line, you can turn your walls into stylish visual highlights with high-quality materials such as glass, metal, stainless steel or linoleum-plywood.


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