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Esprit glass
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Glass is a material that has played a major role in interior design for centuries. During the course of its history it has been the subject of a long line of manufacturing revolutions. Today it offers characteristics of purity, robustness and quality that really have nothing to do with its predecessors. Glass can be refined and coloured in a variety of ways. The frames of Gira Esprit glass are colour-highlighted with black, white, mint and umber, providing a particularly sophisticated look both on light and dark backgrounds.

Gira Esprit glass
The Gira Esprit switch range offers an unusually wide diversity of materials. The concise frame design perfectly matches the selected surface materials of shiny glass, glossy gold or chrome-gloss polished metal with a special surface sealant, and ground and anodised aluminium. The cover frames of aluminium are also available in black or matt brown. The natural ground structure of the material is maintained with these variants. In addition the Gira Esprit switch range also includes wood as a material. The walnut-aluminium cover frame variant combines frames of anodised aluminium with natural grained walnut veneer. More than 280 functions that can be installed into the switch range offer maximum flexibility for all intelligent building technology requirements – from socket outlets and light switches right up to innovative systems for the automation and central control of the complete electrical installation.

The glass variants of the switch range have now been extended by Gira both in form and colour. The soft edges and rounded corners of the new frame design of Gira Esprit glass C now offer a new alternative to purism and linearity. The edges of the 6 mm thick glass frame are ground to a semicircular form with the so-called "C grinding process". And Gira has extended the spectrum of neutral glass variants with the new umber colour, a harmonious, warm tone.

Gira Design Team, Radevormwald

Design awards:
- Design Plus, light + building trade fair Frankfurt 2000
- reddot award product design, Design Zentrum NRW Essen, 2001
- Plus X Award, Design and Operating Convenience, 2009
- Plus X Award, Innovation and Design, 2010
- Interior Innovation Award, Rat für Formgebung, 2011
- Red Dot Design Award, Design Zentrum NRW Essen, 2011