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Tesserae Blends G2707 Summer Sunset
Tesserae Blends
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From the simple elegance of black and white to complex southwestern color palettes, Giorbello™ Tesserae Blends gives you the freedom to express your personality. Although these are one of our most affordable glass tiles, quality is never sacrificed. Whether you want to capture the azure blue of the Mediterranean Ocean in your pool or the varying greens of the Carolina pines in your bath, Tesserae Blends are an affordable way to add elegance without tremendous expense. Choose your favorites now for home, garden or commercial applications.
Giorbello Tesserae Blends are suited for residential and commercial applications as well as for use in crafting projects. These glass tiles are vibrant in color and durable for long lasting applications. These tiles are idealy suited for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be used in shower stalls, swimming pools, kitchens, bathrooms, exterior walls, in most any place you can think of. These tiles are fade and frost resistant.