Drop-A-Min Standard Silver

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Product description

Electronic wall clock that visualizes time in a completely new way.
Black acrylic front with 65 colored LEDs behind museum glass. 8mm wide frame made of matt silver aluminum.
Size: 683x83x36 mm
Weight: 1.5kg


Without dial, without digits, without words. The Drop-A-Min wall clock visualizes the flow of time in a particularly elegant way. The minutes are arranged vertically one above the other in a curved band of 59 white LEDs in a minimalist housing. The hours lie on the central axis of the sine and shine in red. At every full minute, the LEDs light up one after the other for a brief moment from top to bottom, making it appear as if this minute is dripping down. The front is made of glossy black acrylic glass, in which LEDs are embedded and which is protected by high-quality museum glass. The frame is made of sturdy aluminum. Each piece is handcrafted in our manufactory.

Individual color combinations for minutes and hours are available on request.

More about this product

Manufacturer GINOtronic
Family Drop-A-Min
Architonic ID 20254190
Order number DAM-21X-EX
Year of Launch 2021

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