Key facts

Product description

The Antarctic mirror is a jagged and complex structure of hand hammered metal frames that create a series of unforeseen reflections, reminiscent of the great glacial shapes found in the Earth’s poles.

AS PICTURED – Frame in Jagger Hammered Copper and mirror in Bronze finishing.

FINISHES – Frame: Brass, Copper or Nickel in Jagger Hammered. Mirror: Clear, Bronze or Smokey.

VOLUME – 1,13 m3 ⁄39.9 Cubic Feet ( packed)

WEIGHT – 55 Kg / 121 lbs, 70 Kg / 154 lbs (packed)

DIMENSIONS – Width: 156 cm /61,4” Depth: 42 cm /16,5 Height: 112 cm /44,1”