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GERA Lighting System 4: glass shelf lighting
The GERA Lighting System 4 in the GERA modular system has been completely reworked. The former thin under-cabinet lamp has been replaced with the innovative concept of a brightly-illuminated glass shelf for assembly-friendly appli­cation within cabinets. Thinner, lighter and more mobile than comparable illuminated shelves available on the market and – for the very first time – equipped with individually-con­trollable LED technology, the GERA Lighting System 4 illu­minates cabinets and even work surfaces under wall cabinets either using bright and glare-free white light or colour-alternating light.

Further value-added for manufacturers is harboured by the conceptual separation of the glass surface and the customised aluminium frame as the lighting technology carrier, as this enables the glass shelves already in the cabinets to be used, therefore offering retrofitters a most-convincing benefit. Furthermore, avoiding transport weights and transport costs and the significant reduction of transport-related damage resulting from broken glass are the highly-persuasive advantages of this concept.