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The wall-mounted tap ensures that the entire washbasin remains free. This means surfaces where dirt and germs can accumulate – as seen commonly in the area around deck-mounted taps – are prevented.

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The best of two worlds
The toilet, washbasin area and shower – the main areas in the bathroom – have a new common denominator: Geberit ONE. This comprehensive solution combines know-how in sanitary technology behind the wall with design expertise in front of the wall.

Geberit ONE WC
The new, wall-hung Geberit ONE WC ceramic appliance is the epitome of harmony – all the proportions, gap sizes and shapes are perfectly coordinated with one another. Fastening screws are nowhere to be seen. Instead, the slightly asymmetrical, completely rimless interior of the exquisitely glazed ceramic appliance ensures eureka moments – and an outstanding, ultra-quiet flush.
Thanks to the sophisticated installation technology, the height of the toilet can be adjusted during the initial installation or many years down the road without needing to open up the prewall.

Geberit ONE washbasin ceramic appliance
The Geberit ONE washbasin ceramic appliance is available in two models – stand-alone or with a cabinet – and four sizes, and can only be combined with wall-mounted taps. With a depth of just 400 mm, it takes up very little space. The standard overflow is nowhere to be seen here. It is housed in a separate function box in the prewall, as is the waste outlet and the trap.

Geberit ONE shower area
When it comes to the shower area, customers have diverse design requirements and preferences. The floor-even model is proving particularly popular here. Geberit offers a range of innovative solutions, with the wall drain exploiting the advantages of prewall technology particularly consistently. Geberit is now going one step further and including the shower partition wall and a niche storage box in the system, thus eliminating major obstacles to a speedy, complication-free construction of the shower area. Thanks to an installation set, the niche storage box with its premounted sealing foil becomes an integral part of the installation system and one whose positioning can be reliably determined. The same applies to the shower partition wall, which can finally be seamlessly incorporated into the planning and installation processes.

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