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Fior Di Pesco can trace its history to Udine, a city in northeastern Italy and between the Alps. The geological changes taking place in Lago Bordaglia over 145 million years ago transformed the limestone from Monte AVANZA into marbles with premium quality. The fantastic architectures created in renaissance period within Udine, Castello di Miramare, Lionello passage, Contarena café, San Giovanni gallery…all of these are classic projects accomplished with Fior Di Pesco. In particular, Belfry marked the most prominent project. On a terrace at the top of the tower are two great bronze figures called the Moors striking the hours on a bell. Below this is a fountain built in 1542. Below again, there is a statue completed in 18th century and some columns underpinning a winged lion of Venice.


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GANI is known as the creator of Marble Tiles. Marble Tiles, capturing the natural beauty of marble with high performances of porcelain tiles, represent GANI’s solution for a responsible use of marbles’ application. In this meaning we can consider Marble Tiles as a technological evolution of marbles. As a kind of building decorating material, GANI MARBLE TILES can apply almost all floors and walls, in interior and exterior, and also can be used as functional materials in furniture and kitchen and bath’s platforms. GANI develops hundreds of Marble Tiles with various patterns, veins, sizes and texture which can be transformed into many artistic works. Based on the customers ‘demands, we can deliver customized design and production services. GANI makes the marble’s beauty be discovered, alive and sustainable while protecting our environment through its wisdom and innovation.