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SLCG3 green laminated glass
SLC colour laminated glass
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SLCG3 green

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Our coloured PVB interlayer allows for a rich palette of colour permutations, which range from subtle transparent and translucent colours to opaque that can be used for a wide range of applications including screens, partitions and cladding.
Interlayers come in a standard colour range of 14 colours, which can be combined to give a palette of over 800 colours.
Our standard sample range consists of 8 colours available in 4 shades.
Colours: blue, purple, green, red, yellow, orange, white, grey

Laminated glass is the process by which two or more layers of glass are bonded together using PVB (polyvinyl butyl) using heat and pressure. This process can be carried out using annealed or toughened / tempered glass of any thickness to create safety or acoustic glass in large panel sizes.

Standard thickness 14mm - 6+6mm glass with 1-2mm interlayer depending on layers of colour.
Additional thickness available on request.

glass type
Colour laminated glass is manufactured using standard clear float glass, however it is also available in specialist glasses including low iron (crystal clear) and a variety of body tints; blue, green, bronze and grey. The type & thickness of the glass will have an effect on the colour chosen.
Colour laminating can also be combined with other decorative glass products and finishes such as kiln forming ,sandblasting and colour coating.
Glass can be toughened / tempered or laminated to required national & international safety standards.
Tailor-made to clients' requirements, including curved to radius, cut to complex shapes and drilled or countersunk.

laminate technical data
Maximum Sizes 2000mm x 4700mm (approx. 79”x 185”)
subject to specification.
Laminated to BS6206 Class A or required national standards.
Thickness: wide variety of thicknesses available depending on application.
Transparent or opaque colours available.
Fabric laminates / paper laminates / veneer laminates / leaf laminates all available as standard range of products or specialist commissions.
Toughened / tempered laminates available.
Acoustic performance
Laminating can be combined with sandblasting, kiln forming and gilding to further expand the possibilities.