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Given the increasing amount of time we spend in the office, it is important that the workplace is practical, welcoming and comfortable.
TIPER already possessed these qualities in the first version, when it was in the forefront of trends and needs of the modern office. Today, its new technological dimension fully responds to the evolution in how the work area is used, rapidly adapting to the changes in layout within the office. The distinguishing element in the re-design is the new leg, that has been designed as a continuation of the truss section and can be used either in the head of the truss or in an orthogonal position, thanks to the new type of joints.
The second important development is the expansion in height, through a series of raised units that demonstrate their wealth with a series of interesting developments in composition, like open shelves and lights. TIPER is now presented as a very fine die-cast aluminium stand that is joined to the truss under the top and combined with a series of narrow and dynamic worktops, to compose single workstations or call-centres, which can be completed with a wide range of accessories and fully customised. The tops come in veneered wood, in light walnut and maple, light grey melamine or lacquered, besides the clear glass models. There is a wide range of elements available to complete the range: tilting video shelves for perfectly ergonomic working and better view of the screen, hanging memo cases or on wheels, drawers, filing cabinets and service cabinets.