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Bark House® Poplar Bark Wall Panels
Barks as wall decoration
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Product description

POPLAR BARK WALLS – A very unique panel for wall decoration

With the bark of the poplar we are adding another natural product to our collection Nature.

The poplar is a willow tree and can grow up to 30 – 45 meters tall. Particularly tall trees have developed a thick protective bark of up to 40 mm thickness (premium version), smaller trees have a flat bark structure of up to 20 mm (standard version). After being processed the bark is used as a whole piece and not adhered to other supporting panels and is therefore suitable for both indoor areas and facades. Every sheet is unique.


- Material: poplar tree bark (from one piece)
- Acoustically effective
- Standard and premium grade (thickness)
- Sizes:
large panels: up to 3000 mm (118.11 inch) height
shingles: height: 660 mm (25.98 inch),
width: varies, sales unit: 1 layer with 1220 x 660 mm (44.09 x 25.98 inch), consists of several shingles
- Thickness: standard 13 – 22 mm (0.51 – 0.86 inch) thick; premium 24 – 35 mm (0.94 – 1.38 inch) thick
- Weight: standard weight 1.4 kg and premium weight 2.2 kg per panel
- Uses: perfect for interior walls, facades, furniture, cabinetry
- Assembly: screw assembly
- Delivery time: approx. 2 – 3 weeks, for special sizes up to 3 months

Credit: Andreas Schwarz, Project: MUN Restaurant München, Design: FORMAT WORKS CREATIVE SOLUTIONS

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The way in which we use natural materials in our product line Nature is a statement. The unique optic and haptic of our bark materials as wall decoration convey a sense of grounding and stability.

On the other hand, they are also an expression of individuality, exclusivity and aesthetics.

There is one thing our product line Nature always communicates: quality at the highest level. Integrated into modern living spaces they convey a feeling of comfort and well-being.