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freistil 185
freistil 185
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Product description

/ Body-sofa in the widths: 203 cm and 223 cm
/ Body-sectional sofa (le or ri) in the widths: 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm
/ Body-sectional chair: 80 cm
/ Body-sectional bench: 110 cm
/ Body-closing chair with fixed footstool (le or ri) in the widths: 110 cm and 130 cm
/ Upholstered bench element: 86 x 54 cm, 86 x 86 cm and 86 x 97 cm (super-deep)

Cushions for range
/ Low back cushion: 80 x 40 cm
/ Back cushion: 60 x 40 cm
/ Flanged back cushion: 60 x 40 cm
/ Back cushion with roll (not suitable for high back)
/ Cushion-mat: 88 x 68 cm
/ Cuboid cushion: 62 x 42 cm
/ Square upholstered cushion: 35 x 35 cm
/ Oblong upholstered cushion: 54 x 27 cm
/ Cushion: 45 x 45 cm
/ More cushions to be found within freistil 198

Leg version
/ Plastic tubular in the surface: matt chrome optics (standard foot)
/ Tubular steel leg: jet black RAL 9005
/ Steel leg: polished chrome or jet black RAL 9005
/ Tapered foot: natural oak or brown stained oak
/ Tubular steel frame: polished chrome
/ Sloping conical base: natural oak or brown stained oak
/ Solid steel leg: jet black RAL 9005
/ Double round steel leg: jet black RAL 9005 or pearl gold RAL 1036
/ Skidsquare steel tube: jet black RAL 9005

Seat dimensions
/ Seat depth: choice of 62 cm or super-deep 74 cm
/ Seat height: choice of 37 cm , 40 cm or 43 cm. However seat height 43 cm is only possible with the tubular steel leg, solid steel leg and tapered foot oak (even sloping conical base).

/ All models are available with standard backrest and high backrest.
/ Standard backrest: 62 cm (at a seat height of 37 cm) or 65 cm (at a seat height of 40 cm).
/ High backrest: 71 cm (at a seat height of 37 cm) or 74 cm (at a seat height of 40 cm).
/ Normal-depth models and over-depth models can be coupled together.
/ Models with different backrest heihts cannot be linked together.
/ The XL corner upholstered element allows you to create large corner lounging units.
Or even an extended couch, if you combine it with the modular sofas.
The backrest set on the diagonal will give you a totally new perspective.
/ Each leg on the side of the arm section can either be fixed externally or moved inside by approx. 22 cm (cannot be applied to the corner unit, the bench element an closing chair with fixed footstool).
/ With modular systems, velour covers can lead to different pile alignments and therefore to different shine properties.
/ There are more dividing seams in leather covers than in fabric covers. Detailed information about this can be found in the Info section.
/ For ergonomic reasons, only the seat area of the closing chair with fixed footstool – not the leg rest – is sprung. So if the leg rest is used as a seat it will feel much firmer.

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In many living rooms, sofas seem like featureless non-entities, the freistil 185 sofa is, in fact, like a little black dress for your home:
the epitome of elegance, stylish and natural. You can introduce frissons of excitement by adding your choice of fashion accessories, for instance cushions with different colours - or just to create your own little bit of chaos.