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Macedonia space divider
Macedonia Space divider
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Type: Modular space divider system for design interiors and exteriors

Material : Flat panels: Glass filled propylene, or other, like PP/ABS, or transparent (polycarbonate). 3D patterns: Laser Sintered polyamide

Measurements (1 panel): 50 x 50 x 3 cm. From point to point (biggest diameter) the panel 50 cm. From the flat side to the other flat side is 43,4 cm.

Weight : 630 grams

Colors: Virtually any RAL color can be applied to the panels

Connection system: 2 tripod units connected with a screw that holds the panels together. A little round cap is provided to cover the screw.

Finish: Surface finish is very smooth in order to protect it from dust and dirt and also make very easy to clean. Due to each application being custom fitted to interior and exterior architectural solutions, practically any surface treatment can be applied such as flocking or gold plating

Installation: FOC and its distributors have the expertise to assist with installation, but since the system is so easy to install, it should be possible for anybody to execute the installation. All needed for the installation is a screwdriver