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e-broidery® LED Textiles

CRYSTAL Design-Repeat: W 32.5 cm H 32.5 cm
Fabric: SHEEN ocean green / nut, 100% Polyester CS, 51 gr/m2
Roll width: 135 cm
Hem: 2.5 cm , 4 cm or 8 cm, curtain-ribbon on upper hem alllows standard installation with gliders or curtain hooks.
Connection: USB A Plug, optionally on top or bottom end, each left and right.

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e-broidery® ELEMENTS entices you into a new world, where luxurious textiles merge with the magic of lights. The expressions of the fabrics’ color, material and shadow are augmented by gentle gleams, dimming effects and noble light rays. The worldwide unique textiles with integrated LED lighten and enchant your room by its refined play of lights. This results from the physical movements of the fabric but also from the programmed animation run on small and low weight electronic component, hidden in the seam. e-broidery® curtains brighten up your window views on misty days. At sunset the light curtains mediates between day and night.

e-broidery® textiles are made from high-class materials, yet simple to use:
After the common installation, you connect the light curtains through a conventional USB A plug. In addition, e-broidery® ELEMENTS are equipped with a dimming function. It enables you to adjust the LED fabrics to various light situations. Our LED textiles can be configured from starting at one running meter. Light motif, end measurements, hems and connection assembly are made to order in St.Gallen, Switzerland.