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Forster unico | Lift-up sliding door
Forster unico | Lift-up sliding doors
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Product description

Thermally insulated lift-up sliding doors

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The system

Light flooded rooms
The lift-up sliding door, an extension of the Foster unico system, creates not light flooded rooms but also new spacial perceptions. Heights of up to 3.4 m enable spacious glass areas and thus an unobstructed outdoor view.
The door leaves open smoothly parallel to element and save lots of interior space. An efficient finishing is guaranteed through optimally co-ordinated system components such as profiles, fittings and accessories.

A revolutionary system
Forster unico is the thermally insulated profile system with fittings and accessories for single and double leaved doors, for windows as well as for external glazing.
The base profiles comprise 100% recyclable steel and contain no environmentally-polluting, synthetic insulating materials – in contrast to all other insulated systems.
This innovation, uniquely evocative of a framework style of construction, satisfies the most stringent demands relating to physical and structural functions.

Technical characteristics

• Steel bright
• Steel continuously galvanized
• Stainless steel 1.4301, grinded, 220-240 grain

• Large elements without optically disturbing reinforcements
• Leaf height: up to 3.4 m
• Leaf width: unlimited up to a maximum
door leaf weight of 400 kg

Facing widths
• Frame profile 30 [mm] • Leaf profile 85 [mm]

• Narrow, automatic sliding door system with remote control
• Up to four locking points possible
• Comfortable stainless steel sliding tracks operate quietly and smoothly and have extreme longevity

Surface treatments
• Free choice of coating system

Performance specifications
• Ideal for large openings such as patios and balconies
• Space saving thanks to the parallel lift-up sliding door leaves
• Efficient processing is guaranteed through optimally coordinated system components
• Dual circumferential gasket for heighte- ned soundproofing and noise reduction
• Simple assembly thanks to the corner and butt joint system for extremely large elements

Thermal insulation
• Forster unico: according to EN 10077-2
Uf > 2.0 W/(m2.K)
• Forster unico Hi: according to EN 10077-1
UW up to 1.0 W/(m2.K)

Water tightness (EN12208)
• schema A 8A
• schema C 7A

Air permeability (EN12207)
• schema A Klasse 4
• schema C Klasse 3