Forster thermfix vario | Transom/mullion facade

Facade systems from Forster Profile Systems

Product description

Thermally insulated transom/mullion facade, doors and windows in stainless steel

Psychiatrische Klinik, CH-Wil

Germann & Partner Architektur GmbH, CH-Wil


Curtain walls with thermal break – In steel and stainless steel

System with attachment profiles for curtain walls with thermal break

Simple, fast, economical
Forster thermfix light makes it possible to mount a sealing system on commercially-available steel and aluminium profiles as well as on wooden sub-structures. The system offers great configuration flexibility to both planner and architect because of the unlimited choice in the sub-structures. The system is characterized by basic and quick processing allowing improved economics.
Combinable with insulated windows and doors of the system Forster unico.

Technical details

Material options
Sub-structures in steel, aluminium, wood,
Forster attachment profiles in steel or aluminium, pressure profiles in aluminium, cover profiles in aluminium or stainless steel

Performance specifications*
(S) sloped glazing
(V) vertical curtain wall
Thermal insulation: Uf-value 1.0–2.2 W/(m2·K) (S)
Thermal insulation: Uf-value 1.1–2.2 W/(m2·K) (V) (depending on the infill thickness) when using a rebate insulator
Tested fire resistant sloped glazing EI30/EI60/E30/E60
Tested based on the product standard EN 13830:
• Reaction to fire of construction products acc. to EN 13501-1: class E (S)(V) • Curtain walls with increased volume of water (3l/min*m2) (S)
• Air permeability 1200 Pa (S) / AE 750 (V)
• Rain impermeability 1200 Pa (S) / R7 600 Pa, dynamic Pmax 1125 Pa (V)
• Resistance to wind load 2400 Pa, safety load 3600 Pa (S) / 3000 Pa (V)
Safety test: CSTB 3228 (50 kg, 2400 mm) 1200 Joule (S)
Impact resistance according to EN 14019: I 5 (internal), E 5 (external) Slope 0–75o (inside), for outside use 10–75o (S)
System properties
Extremely slender visible sections: rafter and transom 50 mm
Individual profile and surface design
Basic and quick processing because of few system components

*Refer to country-specific approvals
Manufacturer Forster Profile Systems
Family Forster thermfix vario | Transom/mullion facades
Architonic ID 1308592

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