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Forster presto RS | Fire-resistant door
Forster presto | Fire-resistant doors
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Product description

Thermally insulated doors in steel, smoke protection doors

Telekom, DE-Berlin

Wieland Vajen Architekt, DE-Berlin

Product family


Fire and smoke-resistant doors and screens

Glazed smoke- and fire resistant doors and screens

Versatile, tested and approved
Forster presto is the complete profile system with fittings and accessories for flush-fitting single and double-leaved smoke-resistant doors RS (DE) and S200 according to EN 1634-3 as well as for fire-resistant doors and screens E30–E120/ EW30–EW60.
System synergy with compatibility: The outward appearance is identical to other Forster series, and makes the system flexible and planner-friendly. Because the identical visible section width of the profiles, the same accessories and fittings can be used as for the systems Forster fuego light (fire resistant doors) and Forster unico (doors with thermal break).

Technical details

Material options
Stainless steel, grinded, 220-240 grain (structural depth 50 mm)

Performance specifications*
Fire-resistant doors and screens E30–E120/EW30–EW60
Smoke-resistant doors S200 according to EN 1634-3
Metal sheet tubular frame doors E30
Non rebated meeting stile fire and smoke control doors E30/E60 according to BS 476 / BS EN 1634-1
Burglar-resistant doors RC1-3 according to EN 1627-1630 Fittings to match the system

Fittings to match the system
Attractively shaped stainless steel handle set and slender roller door hinges
Concealed invisible door-closing systems

System properties
Extremely slender visible section widths (frame/leaf section measurement only 120 mm)
Individual surface treatment
Impressive element sizes for generous appearance and large-area portals
Extremely economical manufacturing without special equipment

*Refer to country-specific approvals