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Forster fuego light EI30 | Fire-resistant door
Forster fuego light | Fire-resistant doors
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Product description

Fire ans smoke resistant doors EI90, fire resistant glazings EI90, impact load according to TRAV

Gymnasium Trudering, DE-München

Felix Schürmann Ellen Dettinger Architekten, DE-München,

Product family


Fire-resistant doors and screens

System for glazed fire-resistant doors and screens EI30–EI120
Very slender appearance
Forster fuego light is the tested and approved, very extensive complete profile system with fittings and accessories for flush single- and double-leaved glazed fire resistant doors, as well as for fire resistant glazed walls. Additional tested system variants, such as the fire-resistant sliding door, with or without escape route func- tion, the anti-finger trap door and the flush-fitting sheet-metal steel door open up a wide range of applications and permit a great extent of design freedom.
The appeal of the system resides in the extremely slender visible profile widths, the overall filigree look and great transparency. More light, more clarity, more safety for modern objectivity. Maximum safety that remains invisible.
The wide range of fittings tested and approved with the system leaves nothing to be desired, whether it is a matter of automated doors or aesthetic appearance with concealed hinges and closers.
Its design is identical to Forster presto (fire and smoke-resistant doors) and Forster unico (doors with thermal break). Combinable with Forster thermfix vario fire resistant curtain walls.

Technical details

Material options
Stainless steel, grinded, 220-240 grain

Performance specifications*
Fire-resistant door EI30/EI60/EI90 in combination with smoke-proofing requirements
Fire-resistant screens EI30/EI60/EI90/EI120
Fire-resistant sliding door EI30 in masonry or in glazings, new with escape route function (swing-out/swing-in)
Finger protection door EI30 C5 S200, barrier-free accessibility according to DIN 18040
Flush mounted sheet metal door EI30/EI60
Non rebated and unlatched single acting doors EI30/EI60 according to BS EN 1634-1

System properties
Extremely slender visible section widths, outer frame/leaf measurement of only 110 mm
Fittings to match the system and new concealed hinges
Beautifully styled stainless steel handle fittings and a wide range of standard weld-on and screw-mounted rolling hinges
Concealed invisible door-closing systems
Prefabricated profiles for efficient processing, including assembly of the concealed door-closers

*Refer to country-specific approvals