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V30 bench, 4-workstations

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Growing, advancing, creating with each movement, with each part... structures of extraordinary elegance and simplicity to which different elements are joined, forming ever more complete, balanced and perfect systems. a step-by-step method that enriches a product’s potential and versatility.

the V30 program presents a wide range of compositions, which provide many solutions to offices. V30 is visually very strong, due to the trestle shape of the leg frame and the top. V30 is one of Forma 5 most versatile and adaptable series.

the hardened-glass desktop finish rein- forces the exclusivity of V30, an elegant design with a markedly executive stance, that harmonises the function and form; beauty and versatility that characterise the system.

The V30 bench has an own and per- sonal appearance thanks to its closed leg frames with rectangular ring type. However, V30 is also inspired by other series as M10 to complete its aesthetic and funcionality in the work surface, as well as in the elements around it: pedestals, cable Management systems, modesty panels or desk screens are some examples.

the combination of desktops over leg frames, the ring-supported V30 basic desk, allows for an initial level of workstation configuration, the benchtype opposite workstations. as from a certain desk width (800 mm) it is necessary to reinforce the workstation with an seatback leg frame. the desk may also be completed with various accessories: separators, lighting fittings...

V30 has a meeting table model with a noticeable architectural aesthetic touch and a wide funcionality thanks to its possibility of indefinite growth.

For V30 range, the structural wall, in combination with the paravent for reception desk workstations, can have a melamine or hardened-glass finish. Double lateral enclosures, combined with the interior structural wall, allow the configuration of a double reception workstation. The PCs is a piece of architectural inspiration in its surfaces and volumes. It is characterised by the structural wall on which the desktop is supported and which eventually allows for various workstation configurations.