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Mobile pedestal

M10 provides a wide range of pedestals and storage to the workstation. The basic program includes mobile pedestals, support pedestals or desk high pedestals with different drawer and file combinations.

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The most important things at a company are the goals; ideas are just the way to achieve them. Finding appropriate solutions for each moment, the adjustment capacity to a changing environment, creativity as the only way to solve problems day by day. M10 integrates this philosophy in order to create an active and functional environment where the company writes history.

M10, Forma 5 new program designed by Mario Ruiz, provides trendy elements, which turns it into a global program that thinks of each function and provides them a specific space. Executive, multitask offices, reception, waiting areas, storage, meeting areas, cable management, nets… an architectonic concept which grows up together with the office.

M10’s basic unit is the single desk, which is used for a semi-executive office at this project. The light lines of the trestle leg frame can be appreciated together with the work surface and decorative elements. The glass top matches the leg frames, obtaining a fancy, attractive and welcoming effect.

The whole M10 project optimizes space and activity at the working environment. The useful surface grows undefined frontally and laterally and, moreover, many elements have been designed to increase the working surface. In this case mobile pedestals, angular links and uneven technical screens. These last ones provide colour and design.

One of the most relevant features of this program is that it goes above architectonic or functional barriers in favor of asthetics. The “snake” configurations, based on inner angular links, can create spaces among workstations to avoid pillars or other architectonic elements of the building, or for meeting tables or cabinets, according to the needs. The final result is a dynamic and living office.

Two examples of bench desks. The first one shows a minimalist design and the glass profile of the screen. The second one provides storage to the workstation through low and high pedestals with lateral access and cabinets.

Meeting rooms at a company are quite important, as it is where 85 % of the relevant decisions are taken. M10 provides meeting rooms, as well as other elements to enhance spontaneous meetings at the workstation, links and extensions, with work surfaces to share ideas among colleagues and mobile pedestals that become seats for spontaneous meetings at the workstation...

M10 makes up forms and elements. It is the sum of individualities projected all together. 2+2=5. Leg frames and light tops. Melamine, glass or upholstered simple and technical screens (these last ones provide useful trays for order). A wide range of elements for an easy and aesthetic cable management. Advanced storage elements. Development and priority of communication. Meetings. Globality at the office and adaptation to the user at the same time.