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Beam seating with phenolic table top

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Designed for training and meeting rooms, as well as for cafeterias or even for workstations as visitor chair, the Kool chair, designed by Josep Lluscà, provides dynamism, versatility, youth and joy to modern offices and facilities.

Kool chair range is defined by its dynamic and versatile look that can bring different appearances to the office space as well as to domestic areas. To enrich the adaptability and personality of this range, Forma 5 has created an extensive variety of chair styles and component options. Kool offers fixed chairs with four-legged structure with or without wheels, swivel chairs, draughtsman chairs and beam seating. Its backrest, optional arms, structure and base are available in white or black in combination with the polypropylene seat pad available in various colours or upholstered in any of the standard range of Forma 5 fabrics. It is also available with a writing tablet, chair linking brackets and with a chair trolley for stacking and transport.

Kool range is intended for places of communal and frequent use; therefore, it incorporates a beam seating option designed for waiting rooms, walkways, receptions, etc. Its structure is composed of a steel frame and aluminium injection legs available in polished aluminium or black finish. This beam seating can have a maximum of five seats, and can also integrate writing tables or polypropylene arms like on the fixed chairs option for example. The Kool beam seating is the option that expresses the collective and modern characteristics of the entire range.

Four options, four solutions: Fixed 4-legged chair, swivel chair (height adjustable or draughtsman chair) and beam seating. Four style presentations and numerous component options.
The backrest comprises of a polypropylene frame and perforated polypropylene back support, available in white, black or sand finishes.
Two seat options available. One polypropylene seat pad presented in different colour finishes (same colours to match the backrest or other colour tones that gives the chair a modern and distinctive look). And a seat pad upholstered in Forma 5 standard fabric ranges.
The 4-legged version structure is composed by a semi-oval steel tube available in white or black. Two types of floor support available: glides or castors.
The swivel chair has a polyamide base available with different types of support (standard castors, soft castors, glides, locking castors and self-locking castors).
The draughtsman chair includes a foot support. Finally, the beam seating is supported by a steel frame structure with polished aluminium ridged legs and cylindrical polypropylene glides.
Polypropylene arms available on the same colour finish matching the backrest and seat base. A writing tablet is also available, right or left, very useful in lecture halls, training rooms and academies.
Other options:
The fixed chairs can incorporate linking brackets, very useful for maintaining room tidy after use. The 4-legged chairs can be chosen with wired tray under the seat or with a chair trolley for stacking and transport. (These chairs can be stacked up to 5 per trolley).