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Behind conceiving an idea lies, like the best kept secrets, long hours of meditation, observation and understanding. The search is on to transform into something tangible what has, so far, only been imagined and, gradually, change these ideas into real objects, full of life. Forma 5 has designed a line of furniture that inspires harmony, surprises because of its youthfulness and yet wins you over through its absolute modernity. The idea is to arouse feelings through the minimal expression of pure forms and lines, meditating on the minimalist and constructive philosophy that “less is more”...which is why modern architectural values have been used as a benchmark for this project.
And the idea is put down on paper... Notes and jottings on this new way of looking at life, relationships and workplaces which demand that solutions be found to encourage communication between people. The new needs of the market to achieve modern business management makes designers set off to create a collection which harmonises with current trends.
Only meticulous dedication can convert an idea into a visible form, full of life by relating it to human beings and integrating it into position, making it part of a unified composition. The result is a burst of bright, open spaces, functionality, the predominance of straight, rational lines where there is nothing to disturb the calm atmosphere which will surely captivate the observer.
CLASSIC TABLE (optional support pedestal): A model with a simple structure. As elegant for its shape and co- lour as for its proportions, which can be adapted with several accessories, such as frontal dividers, side dividers, dividers luminaries, depending on the needs of the user.
CLASSIC DESK WITH RETURN DESK (optional leg / support pedestal): among the options in the F25 series is the opportunity to adapt an indi-vidual or double wing to the Classic table, a practical and functional solution in the layout of work space and keeping various areas in order.
CLASSIC DESK WITH UPPER CABINET (optional leg / under-desk drawer unit support): all tables can be supported on legs or a support pedestal. The width of the support pedestal is the same as the upper cabinet. In this way, several work stations can be set up joined by the table tops.
F25 BENCH WITH LOWER CABINET (optional leg / under-desk drawer unit sup- port): in this case, stations are joined to each other by a cupboard which, apart from serving as a support for the top, acts as a “spine” for the system. Several work stations can be set up, depending on the needs of each user.
F25 BENCH WITH UPPER AND LOWER CABINET (optional leg / support pedes- tal) : in this case, the cabinet also acts as a “spine” for the system. The upper cabinet are placed on the table tops, making this the version with the most storage capacity in the F25 series.
Within the options for the classic desks, there is the alternative to the table with wing for individual or double work-stations. It is also possible to create new configurations as table tops that start from a low cabinet which acts as a “spine” for the system, from which the various workstations are set up, depending on the needs of each user.
We have followed the same line of thought from the start of when the idea formed: to design furniture that would inte- grate architecturally into the zone. We seek to create shapes that people will find useful and functional in their activities. In order to reflect this architecture, a study has to be made of the geometric proportion of bodies and the sensations they produce in us.
F25 allows furnishing each space of a modern office. The reception counter type configuration (simple or double) presents a double function: on the one hand, it is placed a working desk with a credenza that provides storage space in the lower part, while on the other hand, a high front with a top welcomes the visitor in the exterior part.