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Upholstered backrest with headrest

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The outline of Eben reflects a combination of aesthetic and technical that makes this program a perfect choice for seating areas where the image takes a special importance. Its design has a unique touch with inspiring finishes, such as an aluminium and mesh back, intensive lines and curves.

The range has two types of swivel chair: one with a mesh backrest and the other with an upholstered backrest. The first one is made of a sophistica- ted and elegant technical mesh that provides the user with convenience and comfort. The double-frame that supports the mesh can match in 4 different ways with 2 colours –black and white–. The upholstered foam-injected backrest provides that little something special for boardrooms, while offering a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Both backrests can include an elegant upholstered headrest.

The Eben range adapts perfectly to any technical or executive environment. Furthermore, both versions –mesh or upholstered backrest– can include an upholstered headrest. The client can choose the colour of the double-frame –inner and outer– of the mesh backrest which is available in black or white, with the possibility of combining in 4 different ways, which can be combined with a black or white mesh. The upholstered backrest always comes with adjustable lumbar support, while this is offered as an option in the mesh backrest. Plural is the ideal visitor chair for Eben, with similar options than Eben. With two versions –upholstered or mesh backrest– thanks to its slim mesh, its black or white frame –for the mesh backrest version– and its two different structures –cantilever or 4-legged–.
Arms, base and casters:
A technical series like Eben needs a set of configuration options that match its impeccable aesthetics. The polyamide, white aluminum or polished aluminum base with polyamide casters is suitable for all types of floors; alternatively there are soft castors available that prevent damage to more delicate floors (wood, parquet). The fixed and adjustable 3D and 4Darms completes the program options.
Forma 5 has developed two uniques and exclusives mechanisms, the Synchro Atom and sinchro Motion. Atom is capable of combining the movement of the standard synchro system with tension control. Through an innovative system, the backrest and the seat recline providing perfect support for the user’s back, keeping it in contact with the backrest at all times. Furthermore, the backrest adapts to the weight of the user, offering the correct resistance.
On the other hand, Synchro Motion is an important step in the evolution of the synchronised mechanisms for task and technical chairs. With a forward tilt axis, Motion provides comfort and eliminates pressure points on legs that other mechanisms often cause. Chairs with Synchro Motion support a wide angle –24° in back, 10o in seat– and a knob that offers a easy and constant resistance for adjusting the tension of the back between 45 and 120 kg.
Other adjustment systems:
The chair’s comfort is also a result of other adjustment systems that further adapt the chair to the user. The height can be adjusted using a piston that also provides a shock-absorbing effect when sitting down. The lumbar support adjustment – as standard in the upholstered version- provides extra support in this area through two polypropylene pieces that allow the separation each side separately, for an optimal adjustment to each user. Finally, the optional armrests can be adjusted on three levels (height, depth and rotation) or on four levels (including, apart from the others, the width adjustment).