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Low-backrest: Mesh backrest + polyamide support

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The 2K8 program presents a curious coexistence between the material and the aesthetic of the design. On one hand, its architectural line is based on the user and the adaptation to his working life, on the other hand, the technical character of its image is inspiring at the time of doing daily office work.

2K8 is widest range in the market as the goal since its creation has been to bring the chair to excellence in the office rest. 2K8 has two back heights available in three options: mesh, upholstered mesh or upholstered foam. It incorporates the most advanced mechanisms of the market: synchro systems, gas-cushioned, lumbar adjustment, adjustable arms up to four dimensions, Seatgel system that increases the seating comfort... and in addition to this, 2K8 range has a cantilever visitor chair that matches the rest of the range.

The 2K8 program offers swivel chairs with high or low back with reinforced mesh, upholstered mesh or upholstered foam. The back support that defines the aesthetic line of the program has a polished aluminum finish.

Regulation and adaptation:
This series offers 2 options of ad- justable synchronized mechanism of the seat and the back: synchro Motion and synchro Core (includes seat movement). The depth adjustment of the seat, always included with the synchro Core chair, is optional for the synchro Motion version. The height regulation for the Core chairs is done via a gas lift with shock absorber that makes for softer sitting down. The back (for mesh and upholstered mesh) includes options on the lumbar regulation that helps, together with all those elements, to increase the level of comfort during working hours.
Even though the chairs can be specified without arms, we recommend to include them to minimize work fatigue. All the chairs with mechanism synchro Motion the arms have three adjustment dimensions: height, depth and rotation. In the synchro Core case, the regulation is done in four dimensions: height, depth, lateral and rotation. This latest arms 4D, also includes soft touch arm holders.
Besides the previous options, the 2K8 program allows the choice of many other items that affect the image of the chair and allow the user to personalised his own choice. Therefore, it is possible to choose between more than 50 fabrics with different finishes and colours. The mesh can be in black or white colour. The 5 star bases today have pyramidal shape and can be polyamide, polished aluminum or white painted aluminium finished. You can also specify castors with double wheels or soft castors (recommended for delicate floors) or levelers.