Product description

Lighting fixture for Cavi Paralleli. Body in chrome-plated metal. Adjustable 360° horizontally. It can house two diffusers in satin glass or a diffuser in satin glass and a reflector made of aluminium. Cable terminals for electric connection on cable and insulating clamps in transparent polycarbonate.

Product family


A circumference of chromed or satin metal with a circular diffuser, formed from a pair of cast, sandblasted and tempered glass lenses, two apparently simple elements that hide a complex system. The adjoined convex lenses are in fact held in place by a system of small clamps and fixed to the metal structure with two pins, the same on which the light source is also mounted. The diffuser can thus rotate on itself and orient the light flow in different directions. Innovative and available in multiple versions, Nobi provides maximum functionality while retaining a powerful aesthetic presence. Now available with Led light source, which adds energy efficiency and long life to the existing technical features.