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Look closely and the complexity is clear. With a unique appearance, Ropemaker is made from different threads consisting of wool and jute woven together into one. The collection is made exclusively of natural materials. Hardwearing wool and rustic jute create a rug with a timeless design and a long life.

The rug consists of a warp in which three threads of wool and jute are wound around each other.
The weft is made of four threads of wool and jute, which are in turn wound around each other.
This technology creates a wonderfully soft impression and a really interesting structure/texture.

- This is not just a rug, it’s a piece of furniture in its own right
- Four different colourways are perceived as homogeneous and solid, but consist of a variety of shades and different thread textures

170 x 240 cm and 210 x 300 cm

Product variants


The new Ropemaker Rug collection complements Fogia’s existing rug range with vibrant monochrome rugs that exude energy and interest thanks to the materials and technology used.
As the name suggests, Ropemaker is inspired by classic rope making. Rope and cords are interestingly twisted and wound given the variation in the colour, material and thickness of the different threads. The rug takes on the strength of a twisted rope, visually and literally.

While the rugs in the collection are a feature in their own right in a room, they also go with any furniture. Their generous thickness makes these rugs an interior detail that makes its presence felt as a unique focal point in any room.

Ropemaker is a range of rugs designed for practical use, using materials carefully selected for their resilience.