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MAXFINE Iron Black
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Flooring-Ceramic flooring >
Wall coverings-Wall panels >
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Product description

300x100cm / 120”x40”
150x100cm / 60”x40”
100x100cm / 40”x40”
300x150cm / 120”x60"
150x75cm / 60”x30”
150x150cm / 60”x60”
75x75cm / 30”x30”
75x37,5cm / 30”x15”

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Born from a technology that respects the environment, Maxfine is a product which is rigorously Made in Italy and which has characteristics that are unique in the world: it is the only one that displays a large surface area with reduced thickness and which is completely polished to guarantee not only an incredible aesthetic quality but also a high resistance to stress.

News 2015
MaxFine enlarges its collection with 2 new kinds of marble, Bianco Lasa, one of the world’s finest, which stands out for its homogeneous appearance with light, moderate veining and Blue de Savoie, a grey French marble with a compact background and fine white veins.
Presented exclusively to the American market in April and in their world premiere at Cersaie 2015 are the Eramosa, Arabescato, Extra White and Estremoz Crema marbles. The range dedicated to travertine is enriched by Travertino Classico, a classic marble with a typical straw yellow colour.

FMG presents a world premiere of a large 300x150cm size, with a reduced thickness (6mm) treated with innovative Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ technology, a combination of years of commitment and research by the company and of attention to environmental problems, protected by a European patent.
Active technology, developed by research laboratories of the Iris Group, transforms these maxi tiles into eco-active materials, with non-polluting, anti-bacterial (including methicillin resistant) and self cleaning properties that help purify the air and make interiors and exteriors healthier, as demonstrated by ISO 10678:2010, 27448-1:2008 and 27447:2009 certification.