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PiazzaDuomo Wall unit
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Product description

A transformable wall unit with a practical sofa and a stowaway double-size bed, mirror. During the day, it is a comfortable two-seater sofa with completely removable fabric. The sofa sits below a large mirror with polished chrome or matt burnished edges. By pulling the handles inserted in the sides of the mirror, the wall unit rotates and forms the support feet when the bed is horizontal; the bed is now ready for sleep. The mattress support is slatted and the bed is complete with a mattress (160x200xH20 cm), duvet cover, a soft headboard with removable covers and a handy shelf-nightstand.
The bed can be stowed away easily; when it is raised, the feet are recessed and the sofa and mirror reappear. The finishes of the internal and external surfaces of the wall unit can be customized thanks to a comprehensive selection of lacquer colors and scratch-proof heat-structured finishes from the Flou collection. A patented mechanism guarantees the perfect closure of the wall-unit, protecting the bed from dust and eliminating the anti-esthetic belts that, in similar units on the market, hold the mattress in a vertical position.

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This is the perfect combination of sofa and bed; PiazzaDuomo provides versatile solutions for the problems of space with a dash of contemporary elegance. A new living concept that demonstrates how easy it is to convert the lounge into a bedroom, with a product that it is not the traditionally classic sofa-bed, but a sofa that can be easily transformed into a single or double-size bed and in the same way it returns to the original position.
PiazzaDuomo is available in the wide range of colors, fabrics, leathers and Ecopelle of the Flou collection.
Single bed: this is revealed by pulling the handle fitted at the center of the base: the seat moves forward slightly, the seat covers are removed and the bed can be made-up with sheets and duvet cover; or the sheets can be placed over the sofa seat covers.
Double-size bed: this is revealed by pulling the handle gently outwards: the seat moves forward and thanks to a patented mechanical device, the backrest drops-down and a comfortable ready-to-use double-size bed is formed.

Technical features:
Available in three versions: without armrests, with one armrest and with two armrests. Slatted mattress support for a spring mattress. Headboards and seating have velcro removable covers in fabric, leather or Ecopelle.The sofa-bed is supplied with three back cushions that have easily removable zip-fastened covers.