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New Arrival in the PRO Family: An Armchair to Complement Flötotto’s Successful Furniture Line

The PRO chair line has rapidly become Flötotto’s new success story. The latest chapter: launching at the 2014 Salone del Mobile, the generously dimensioned PRO armchair is not only a real character, but is also set to conquer yet another field of application for the PRO product family. The distinctive plastic seat shell features integrated armrests that hug the user and guarantee superior comfort. The new PRO armchair will initially be available in two designs: one with a newly designed, distinctive four-star wooden base, the other with a four-star aluminium base. The new four-star wooden base in solid oak is now also available for all other PRO models. Furthermore, there are two new elements to the PRO line: a new beam-mounted solution featuring a wooden base, which is perfect for all sorts of waiting areas, such as those in museums, agencies, offices, shops and practices.
Additionally, the PRO chair is now also available with a fully upholstered seat. With its many different designs and bases, PRO has developed into a differentiated line for almost any field of application. Initially designed as a range of furniture for schools, the line’s contemporary and distinctive look has turned it into an international success. The range’s most striking feature remains the dynamic backrest with its signature S-shape. The curve offers freedom of movement and takes strain away from the back and pelvis while the seat’s three-dimensional shape provides structural stability and allows for the seat shell to be produced without the use of reinforcing fibreglass.

PRO Facts
• Classic seat shell design with or without armrests (armrests available with standard or extra wide padding)
• New in 2014: PRO ARMCHAIR with integrated armrests
• Beam-mounted design in wood
• Classic seat shell with padding or fully upholstered
• All seat shells available in 6 different colours: snow white, granite grey, graphite black, aqua blue, kiwi green, coral red

Base designs:
Classic seat shell available with:
• Four-legged metal base
• Four-legged wooden base
• Sled-base
• C-frame (cantilever)
• Four-star aluminium base
• Four-star wooden base
• Five-star swivel base
• Wooden frame for beam-mounted design
• Seat padding or fully upholstered

PRO ARMCHAIR available with:
• Four-star wooden base
• Four-star aluminium base Areas of Use:
• Living room and dining room
• Kitchen
• Children’s room
• Schools and educational interiors
• Staff canteens, student canteens and cafés (also outdoors)
• Waiting areas
• Auditorium seating

Accessories: all standard sliders for various requirements in private and contract interiors Matching Tables:
• Bistro tables for indoor and outdoor use (with round, square or rectangular tabletops)
• School tables (single and double workstations)
• Flexible table elements for meeting rooms (square, rectangular, triangular, trapezoid)