The constant propulsion for technological research and innovation has been a hallmark and distinctive feature of Floor Gres from its beginnings, forming a key part of the company's history and securing its touchstone status in the ceramic sector.

This relentless path of development continues today and in 2009 Floor Gres unveiled its Stontech Slim/4 collection, the innovative porcelain stoneware sheets of just 4 mm in thickness made by means of a press forming process: this makes it possible to create a product that offers remarkable resistance to a wide range of types of mechanical stress, which does not require the application of reinforcing fibre, and which facilitates cutting, drilling and maintenance operations.

The production technology employed allows for the use of the same graphics and raw materials as used in the conventional 10 mm thick collections and makes it possible to achieve excellent results in the technical tests to which the material is subjected.

This is a product for both floor and wall coverings, particularly suitable for renovation work with installation over existing materials and glued façade applications. The reduced thickness, low weight, ease of transport and handling on the work site, mean that these sheets provide a highly effective response to modern market demands and needs.

This material offers multiple benefits:
- eliminates the need to demolish existing installations;
- reduces work times with a consequent reduction of costs;
- offers technical features that are entirely comparable to those of sheets of conventional thickness;
- reduces the dead weight on loading structures and floor diaphragms;
- ensure easy cleaning and absence of maintenance requirements.

Finishes: matte

Dimensions (cm) fine porcelain stoneware tiles

60 x 120
60 x 60
30 x 60