Made of fine porcelain stoneware, 10 mm in thickness, and available with matte, polished and textured finishes, Natural/1.0 is the update – in terms of colours, sizes and production technology – of a collection that forms a milestone in the history of Floor Gres, providing new market opportunities and identifying a new application scenario. 

The five warm, neutral colours, chosen because they blend superbly with any kind of decor, and the exceptional physical and mechanical properties, mean that Natural/1.0 is an extremely elegant and refined ceramic product, suitable for a large number of different applications both indoors and outdoors. 

Natural/1.0 draws inspiration from Piasentina stone, a sedimentary limestone that is abundant in North East Italy, where archaeological evidence shows that it was already widely utilised in Roman times. Popular because of its enormous variety of colouring, high strength and compact structure, Piacentina stone rose to its greatest prominence during the Renaissance era, when, thanks also to Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, it became the de-rigueur material for civic buildings and palazzi commissioned by noble families. 

Dimensions (cm) fine porcelain stoneware tiles

30 x 60
45 x 45
60 x 60
45 x 90
3 x 3 (tessere mosaico)

Finishes: matte, glossy, textured