Product variants


This collection completes the Floor Gres range for integrated design, giving a new connotation to a natural element – stone – which has always been a constant in products from this technical brand.

The importance of origin, the strength of matter and the creativity of processing are all combined with the atmospheres of a thousand-year-old culture, using the perfect technology to become modern. Floortech/ 1.0 continues in the same vein of sophistication that Floorgres has always pursued, setting itself apart from standard styles, continuously challenging and experimenting. These 9 stones are the symbol of a strong and personal choice, giving life to intuitive projects with colours and surfaces to create new shapes of living.

Geometrical and three-dimensional decorations demonstrate a thorough research for spectacular yet well-ordered spaces. The colours appearing on tiles in sizes that are highly versatile guarantee the product’s functionality for any solution in application and destination of use.

Dimensions (cm) fine porcelain stoneware

15x60 modulo listello sfalsato mix 3d (soft)
20x80 (soft)
30x60 (soft)
40x80 (soft)
60x120 (soft)
60x60 (matte)
60x60 (soft)
80x80 (soft)
20x80 (cannetè)
21x40 modulo listello sfalsato (soft)
30x30 mosaico tessere 5x5 (soft)
30x60 (slate)
30x60 modulo listello sfalsato mix 3d (mix soft-slate)
40 x 80 (canneté)
60x120 (slate)
60x60 (slate)
80x80 (slate)