Product variants


Observe the colours of the world, listen to designers’ needs, create two shades of warm and cool colours that are perfectly balanced: this is Chromtech/1.0.

With Chromtech/1.0, Floor Gres embarks on a contemporary review of a collection that was first released in 1994, renewing the colours, surface finishes and sizes: the aim of the project is to enhance the original spirit of the collection with new expressive potential to provide architects with a generous range of options.

In addition to the traditional matte and polished surface finishes, Chromtech/1.0 features a new nonslip finish with a 3-D pattern: Point. Perfect for technical design requirements and for the elimination of architectural barriers, Point qualifies as a key design feature to be used for both technical and aesthetic requirements.

The Cool/4.0, Warm/4.0 and Warm/5.0 colours contain a high percentage of pre-consumer market recyclate in the body (peaking at 60%). This characteristic has allowed the collection to qualify for the prestigious Recycled Contents certification issued by Bureau Veritas.

Finishes: matte, polished, point

Dimensions (cm) fine porcelain stoneware tiles

5 x 5 (mosaic tesserae)
20 x 120 (matte - polished)
30 x 30 (matte - point - polished)
30 x 60 (matte - point - polished)
45 x 90 (matte - polished)
60 x 120 (matte - polished)
60 x 60 (matte - polished)