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Bold Color Erba
Bold Color
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Colour represents a strong symbolic and communicative content in architecture. It is used as a functional and expressive element that must be planned for and integrated within the building.
And so the collection BOLDCOLOR/ was created. Live, pure and brilliant colour associated with the neutral shades of Floor Gres flooring modify space and its perception. Its satin finish makes colour strong and decided without compromising the reading of the architectural space and its uncontrollable mirror-like effects. The decorative aspect becomes of unquestionable utility in the building’s information system: when characterised by intense colours, foyers, halls and stairways can easily be identified and allow for fast orientation in large public areas such as stations, museums, sports facilities and shopping centres.
Colour in its most intense and lively expression is synonymous with contemporaneity.

Dimensions (cm) White Body tiles

20 x 60