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Nomos F4101
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Bathroom taps-Wash basin taps >
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Nomos, designed by Castiglia associati, is the new generation electronic mixer belonging to FIMA Aqua Code - the FIMA Carlo Frattini division that offers products renowned for their design and innovative quality. A symbol of FIMA's penchant for innovation, Nomos is a unique touch screen mixer on the market, stemming from 3 years of incessant research in the electronic components field. The technological contribution offered by the mechanical system enhances the tap's safety, quality and efficiency levels, making it totally reliable over time, as guaranteed by the 7-year warranty.

Nomos by FIMA Aqua Code is a complete range of mixers comprising washbasin and bidet versions coupled with the exclusive bathtub and shower unit, the latter being equipped with two side jets, electronic display, hand-held shower with support and hose. The system is controlled through a user-friendly touch screen display featuring basic graphic icons and an intuitive, attractive interface. The technologically advanced display allows for accurately adjusting the various water functions by greatly simplifying user-screen interaction, particularly when taking a shower. The Nomos electronic control monitors water and energy consumption in real time and logs past values, to ensure waste-free comfort for instant, significant ecological results.
In this way, Nomos actively tackles the "water resource" problem, through:
- accurate adjustment of the water flow
- setting of the water temperature
- alarm signalling in case of malfunctions or system losses
- measurement of individual consumption values
- verification of water supply pressures
- transmission of consumption parameters to remote units, making it possible to achieve a tele-reading system.

Cutting-edge technical solutions where each single component is created as if it were a single-piece item... just like a piece of jewellery... to enhance the pleasure of the bathroom experience in terms of comfort and extreme ease of use. Nomos - also available in the mechanical version - can be combined with Fimabox, the exclusive and 100% universal recessed kit for all FIMA Carlo Frattini product ranges, designed for simplifying tap installation to the maximum.