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The Mutarail Seating System concept offers the multipurpose hall characteristic by storing the rows on one side of the hall, underneath the stage or underneath the floor using a platform. This system is the perfect solution for spaces that require different configurations such as auditoriums, theatres or performing arts centres.
- Its design allows the sequential and individual movement of the rows, thus granting great versatility to the room to be able to configure the seating capacity desired at any time; with full capacity of seats, partial capacity or without seats.
- There are two parts of the system, the fixed and the mobile. The fixed parts are the extruded aluminum guides flush with the ground level. The mobile part is made up of cast aluminum carriages that slide along the guides, which support rigidly groups of up to 12 seats, mounted on an extruded aluminum profile, without bending, turning, or twisting.
- The aluminum profile beam where the seats are fixed, gives maximum rigidity to the system, a quality that, together with the stability provided by the two carriages where they are mounted, offers a similar comfort to the one provided by any fix-foot seat.
- Thanks to its lightweight design, the Mutarail can operate automatically. The operation time depends on the layout of the hall.
- For safety reasons, the system integrates aluminum spacers in the rails to ensure a constant distance between rows and also brakes in the first row.
- Our Mutarail Seating System may be equipped with all types of seats; the most frequent ones are the MiniSpace 5067, MiniSpace 5071, MiniSpace 5064 and MicroFlex 6061, models which are compact and therefore easy to store.
- Reaction to fire: this product complies with international standards.

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Mutarail Seating System

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Mutarail Seating System


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