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Automatic Mutasub
Automatic Mutasub
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Product description

- The Mutasub system offers the Multipurpose Hall characteristics by storing the seat rows inside the floor of the hall and keeping the same location of the rows. Seats are kept underneath a technical floor which store the seats in a minimum space, according to each type of seat.

- The technical floor has some pins that allow the opening and closing of the cover which is part of the floor. It also allows the change of seats position from use position to storage position.

- This mechanism is based on lifters and hinges assembly that allow the necessary movements of the seats rows and thanks to mechanical stops, it provides the same rigidity and safety as floor-fixed seats do.

- The system can be automatic or manual. Both options are designed to perform the movements for the hall transformation according to the current ergonomics parameters for both, access and load. The weight of pieces in movement during the process is compensated by gas springs.

- The automatic version is controlled by a programmable automaton, in connection with the responsible person of the hall configuration by means of a tactile screen. In this screen we can select the number of seats and its layout according to the type of event that will take place. Once the layout is confirmed, the pneumatic cylinders will perform the synchronized movements sequence between the floor and the seats rows.

- The system does not require any specific maintenance operations, except for annual checks for safety inspection of the control box electrical components.

- The system design and pneumatic technology used in the driving units, prevent from damaging the products or operation failures in case that liquid is accidentally spilled over the technical floor.

- The operation principle does not require power or air supply connections to keep the seats in storage position or in use position thanks to the anchoring system of the seats.