A chair designed to be installed in auditoriums, theatres and lecture halls.

It features an excellent balance between design, comfort and its special acoustic absorption properties due to the materials employed. The acoustic system Helmholtz is optional. The Helmholtz resonator is a system adequate for obtaining considerable improvement of the acoustic conditions of seats. It consists of a chamber in the lower part of the seat filled with tested materials for a most favourable acoustic performance and capable of increasing sound absorption in different ranges of frequencies. The backrest is made of plywood board with a 13 mm-thick beech veneer protected by a double layer of polyurethane fire-resistant varnish. The seat is also of plywood board with a 13 mm-thick beech veneer. The backrest cushion has a maximum thickness of 4 cm. The foam is open-cell polyurethane and can be easily taken off and replaced. Between the upholstery and the foam of both the seat and the back, there is a 5 mm-thick TS System fire curtain that prevents fire from reaching the foam, thus slowing down the emission of toxic gases and flames. The upholstery facilitates acoustic absorption. The seat tips up automatically thanks to a double, side-mounted ball-and-socket joint system (tested to 120,000 cycles) that requires no lubrication and is extremely quiet. The ball-and-socket joint mechanism is made of polyamide with a fibreglass load giving it high mechanical strength. The swivel pin and torsion spring which produce the automatic tip-up are located inside this mechanism. The unit comprising the seat, backrest, armrests and aluminium sides is mounted on a central leg consisting of a steel tube column, a circular base for anchoring it to the floor and a central bridge. These sides contain the tip-up mechanism and receive the varnished solid beechwood arms. The whole structure is finished in 80 micra polyester powder paint. It is adjusted to the slope by the base of the foot. The aisle sides are made up of an aluminium frame running round the outer edge of the high-density MD wooden panel fully covered in beechwood veneer and varnished. An armrest of varnished solid beechwood is fixed on top of this frame. The in-between sides are formed by the aluminium frame and the armrests.

The F-45 or F-1000 table can be incorporated for use in lecture halls.

Approved by García B.B.M. International.


• Steel plate and tube, welded with continuous arc.

• Seat density : 60-65 kg/m3
• Back density : 50-55 kg/m3

• Electrostatic powder Polyester
• Coating thickness: 70-80 micras
• Grid adherence: UNE-EN ISO 2409: 100%

• Fire Standards

Spain: UNE-EN 1021 Part 1 & 2
France: NF/P 92507
Italy: UNI 9175 Clase 1.IM
USA: CAL T.B. 133 (in approved fabric)


• UNE-EN 12727 Level 4 (intensive use).
• BS 5852. Section 5. Ignition Sources 0, 1 and 5

• Material: UNE L-2630
• Density : 2,7 gr./cm3
• Breaking Load: 20 kg/ mm2

• Beech plywood pressed.

• 25 Kg.

• 0,15 m3 (disassembled)