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Intero interprets modernity and reliability in a new way. The self-confident design language is pure and adds a distinctive touch. Everything seems to float but still conveys a feeling of security and trust. The central element is the open frame. In its material fine dimensions it is little more than a slim self closing line. In contrast is the cube, compact and strong, but also floating. It appears through its form to mask its versatile functionality. Along with the desk top, slim, light and apparently detached from the supporting elements.

The polarity continues in the materials, high gloss surfaces contrasting with matt slightly porous finishes. Intero dispenses with everything that would interfere with lines and surfaces: Drawers and doors are without handles and use “push to open” for access. Rectangular desks together with returns define the working areas of the office. The clear language of form is continued in the media panel and the lounge area. Intero is convincing with its self-confident performance.

Welded tube segments (cross section 80 x 20 mm) build the side frame. It can be 0-shaped, N-shaped or designed as side wall. Desk height is standardised 740 mm. As an 4th option you can have the N-shaped side frame height adjustable in the range of 720 to 860 mm, combined with mobile pedestals that have overlapping fronts without handles (no push to open).

The characteristic feature of an Intero desk is the combination of O-N-Wall-configuration on one side plus a fixed pedestal on the other. On the one hand it conveys a compact impression, whilst on the other its shadow gaps convey an impression of lightness, as if hovering between the table top and the floor. Its distinctive form cleverly disguises its functional versatility. The light, slender table top appears to hover above both, as if detached from its supports. Intero was extended to include practical stand-up tables in the same design vocabulary to facilitate rapid communication between team members.

Intero wins a red dot award product design in 2012.

Depth: 800 mm, 900 mm (from 1600 mm width) or 1.000 mm (from 1800 mm width)
Height: O-, N-shaped or with side wall 740 mm fixed, height adjustable in the range of 720 to 860 mm with N-shaped side frame on both sides.
Width: 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1400 mm, 1600 mm, 1800 mm, 2000 mm, 2200 mm

Antje Bohlmeier, Udo Donges