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The new Zero collection by Fap ceramiche... where the added value is you!

Fap ceramiche launched a challenge to 6 professionals, including technicians, designers, experts and industry professionals, to create a bathroom capable of stirring up your emotions and interpreting the decorative and stylistic universe of Fap ceramiche.
Zero, the new line of white body wall tiles, was the outcome of these exciting partnerships: made in the 25x75 cm size that is ideal for creating the bathroom of your dreams. 8 colours available with the satin-polished finish - Terra, Polvere, Kaki, Pane, Talco, Gesso, Denim and Ardesia - reflecting the infinite, innovative and soft shifting of light.

Margherita: This room is ideal for people who are looking to relax in an intimate and cosy atmosphere with a vintage but state-of-the-art style. A result made possible by the delicate marriage between Shabby Chic Gesso, Zero Gesso and Zero Net Gesso.

Fabio: A fresh and energizing shower bursting with colour! A bathroom designed for people living in the urban jungle who love to fill their home with creativity and energy.
The choice fell on a monochrome design using Zero Ardesia, interrupted by the fluorescent acid decorations of Zero Micromosaico Giallo.

Mattia: It’s not just about a bathroom: it’s a question of mental space that is made to measure for the people living there. This room uses Zero Kaki and Zero Pane, ceramics that look like wood and bright papers, resulting in an alluring mood of wellness.

Vera: A young person’s bathroom, intended for people who love the freshness and simplicity of life. So a neutral background was created using Zero Polvere and Zero Net Polvere, embellished with the Zero Camu Polvere decoration whose grainy patterns illuminate the room and make it... light.

Romina: A place where you can relax and spend some time pampering yourself. Zero Talco and Zero Talco Mosaico toy with a selected palette of soft colours waiting to be caressed, reminiscent of the colours of nature and wood.

Silvia: This is a formal bathroom that dictates the canons of elegance with a very feminine touch. A sophisticated, sparkling and sensual room using Zero Denim, Zero Terra and the opulent Zero Chic decoration: a trail of beads of light that seem to be made out of water.

Fap ceramiche has always been a partner of exception for architects and designers, with its lines of decorations and special pieces. So much so that the range of decorations, strips and modular mosaics can be used to create bespoke solutions for any environment, highlighting its unique and original features. These include: Zero Net, imprecise veins with a strong character and huge impact; Zero Chic Inserto an attractive geometrical spotted pattern with great personality thanks to the water droplet inlays on the surface; Zero Warm Inserto, austere vertical brushstrokes in warm and enveloping colours; Zero Camu Polvere, neutral and light colours like talc; Zero Bark, with its ethnic and sophisticated taste that fits in perfectly with the wall tilings; Zero Spark, a feminine and enveloping glitter of flowers, and the glam and trendy Zero Shabby Chic. The mosaics are available in the eight colours of the collection, and this time are also made in the “micro” version: even smaller tesserae in original colours.

The Zero collection is the outcome of putting the focus on tradition and the noblest Italian culture, but it is also an expression of technology and cutting-edge production needed today to manufacture a great product and to cater for the needs of contemporary life.

The bathrooms created with this new series can be combined with the Fap+ collection of ceramic accessories.

Zero: the collection dedicated to you!